This is my second attempt at cracking the ‘under 200-words’ #IMMOOC , 3-blog challenge. Not easy for me but I reckon I’m in with a chance this time!

Had a go at introducing ‘Genius Hour’ last term to my Year 3 children. Keeping it simple to start with, I told them at one point, ‘You can learn about anything you want to.’ They responded with an enthusiastic chorus of, ‘Anything? We can learn about anything? Really?’

They suggested a few things: The Solar System, tornadoes, flint… Then one of my pupils said, ‘Hey, Mrs Young – you could learn how to be a good teacher!’


Actually, I did laugh, (somewhat nervously) and after a few moments of self-doubt and a quick ruffling of feathers, I realised that maybe, she just thought I’d want to learn something, too.┬áJust because I had already learned how to be ‘a teacher’, she hadn’t assumed that I’d want to stop learning ‘how to be a good one’. If that was the case, why wouldn’t I want to ‘do Genius Hour’, too?

Good point.

180 words! Did it!


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